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Grapevine Fastbraces®

Grapevine Fastbraces

If you’re an adult looking for a straighter smile, Fastbraces and Vineyard Dental in Grapevine can help. Fastbraces is a revolutionary orthodontic solution that’s transforming smiles quickly and safely, sometimes in as little as a few months.

What makes this possible is Fastbraces’ unique design. Using a triangular-shaped brace, which requires only one wire, Fastbraces moves your crown and your root at the same time. Traditional braces move each of these one at a time, potentially doubling the length of time it takes to straighten your smile. But with Fastbraces, you can have that straight, confident new smile you’ve dreaming of, and in less time.


To find out of Fastbraces are right for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Perez. And to find out more about the benefits of Fastbraces and how they work, you can visit Fastbraces website here.